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Cable Crimping Methods 101

Posted September 20, 2021

Wire crimping is an essential step in the manufacturing of cable assemblies. Crimping creates strong joints and can be used with wires of any cross-sections. A well-executed crimp is gastight, so you can prevent oxygen and moisture from oxidizing the metal and creating corrosion. Read on to learn more about the importance of a quality crimp, as well as how this step can affect end products.


Flex Cable vs Ribbon Cable Assemblies

Posted September 14, 2021

Flex and ribbon cables are replacing round cables in various assemblies thanks to higher performance, improved efficiency, and a more extensive range of applications. Here's how to choose the right type for your cable assemblies.


How We Implemented Lean Six Sigma at JEM Electronics

Posted September 06, 2021

Here at JEM, we're committed to a total quality system that provides our customers with uncompromising product and service satisfaction. Adding to the many certifications and standards, 12 of our employees have recently received their Lean Six Sigma green belt certification.

Their achievements are certainly exciting for us because their knowledge of the Six Sigma methodology will help us further our commitment to continually improving our processes, assuring our customers of the highest ...


IDC vs Crimp: How To Choose the Right Termination

Posted August 30, 2021

In cable assemblies, the devil is often in the details — one of which is choosing the right termination for your wires.

Vibration, temperature, and moisture can all impact the reliability and performance of the connections. Temperature fluctuations can cause the materials to expand and contract at different rates, affecting the connectivity between contact surfaces. Shock and vibration can cause connections to become loose, while moisture can increase the rate of oxidation, reducing ...


What's the Difference Between Ethernet vs Network Cables?

Posted August 24, 2021

In today's digital environment, our lives are inseparable from cables. But choosing the right cable to use in various applications can be confusing.


Common Types of Cable Damage and Causes of Failure

Posted July 27, 2021

Cables are the unsung hero in electronic engineering. Regardless of product type or application, they are an essential component for delivering power and transferring data.


Benefits of Outsourcing Manufacturing of Custom Cable Assemblies

Posted July 12, 2021

Your team spent endless hours designing and engineering a custom cable assembly. You can not afford to use sub-optimal off-the-shelf cable assemblies that may result in additional costs, poor performance, safety issues, equipment damage, recalls and revenue loss, lawsuits, and reputation damage.


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How to Make Wire Harness Products

Posted June 17, 2021

Wire harnesses and cables are essential for industry, whether in your car or computer, at the bottom of the sea, or in outer space. The distinction between cables, which essentially join two points, and harnesses – which can have multiple input and output points - is explained in our blog on cable assemblies vs wire harnesses.


Wireline in Oil & Gas Industries

Posted June 01, 2021

In oil and gas exploration, the term wireline broadly defines industry-specific methods, processes, and technologies that lower cables and wires into a wellbore. Wirelines are strong, thin lengths of wire or braided cable mounted on a powered reel. Typical wireline applications affix “logging tools” or instruments to a cable rigged to drilling platforms or trucks that, once attached, is lowered by the cable into oil well holes or natural gas reservoirs to perform diagnostics or to gather and ...


Custom Cable Fabrication Tips for Safety

Posted May 21, 2021

In the design of custom cable fabrication and assemblies, safety is not just essential for product functionality and longevity, but the most important consideration to make certain that quality standards and protocols for electronic and electrical products are met. That custom cables serve a specific set of functions unique to each application is a given. But more than simply providing the required connectivity for a device, custom cable assemblies are integral to its overall performance.


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